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Pshenichny Alexey

General Director, Top League chain of sports shops


Текст детальный

Areas of expertise: strategic planning and organisation development, operational management, management of top level teams.

Professional experience:

- Founder of a nationwide chain of sports shops ‘Major League’ – 1995, ‘Manbition’ – 2005.

- Organiser and sponsor of sports events including:

 - Streetball competitions – 1995-2003, up to 4000 participants

 - 1st Sochi Semi-Marathon at the Autodrom Formula 1 track – 2014-2015

 - 1st Sochi Marathon (November, 2016)

 - Running club, TopLigaClub triathlon club (2010). Currently, running and triathlon clubs operate in Adler, Sochi, Krasnodar and Rostov – with over 500 members.

Sports Achievements:

- Participation in over 10 marathons.

- Triathlon – IronMan.

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