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Parshikova Natalia

Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Sport in the Russian Federation

Текст детальный

Area of Competence: public administration in sports.

Professional experience:

--20 years of teaching in the sports. Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. Full State Counselor 2 class of the Russian Federation. Author of over 100 research papers published in Russia and abroad.

-Director of the Regional specialized Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve under the Main Department of Education in Samara region, Professor and a part-time member of the Chair, Dean at Samara State Pedagogical University.

- Head of Division, Deputy Head of the Department for Regional Policy, Organizational Work and Information at the Russian Federation State Committee of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Moscow.

- Deputy Head of Department of Development of Physical Culture, Head of the Scientific-Methodical, Medical And Anti-Doping Provisions under the Federal Agency for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

- Chief of Staff for Federation Council's Commission on Youth and Sports Affairs.

-The State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth policy in the Russian Federation.

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